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End of Life Services


When I meet with you, your family and close friends, I will be guided by your memories and stories, to create a service that is as unique and individual as your loved one. It will reflect their life, achievements, character and humour. 

The ceremony can include elements such as music, poetry, prayer, rituals and hymns according to your beliefs and values. 

Image by Dan Meyers

Funeral and Cremation Services

I conduct end of life ceremonies that are guided by the wishes, values and beliefs of you and your family.

The ceremony can include whatever you feel is the right way to remember and celebrate your loved one. 

When I meet with you, your family and close friends, I will listen to your memories and stories and get a sense of the true character of your loved one and how they lived their unique life.  I will also gather information to create a time line of important events.

I will then draft a truly unique, memorable and beautiful tribute to celebrate their life.  You will receive a copy of the eulogy before the service, and have the opportunity to make changes. If family or friends wish to participate by performing or reading this will be encouraged and supported on the day.

If you would like to include readings, poems, music, hymns, prayers or any traditions I will assist you in their choice.  You will receive a printed copy of the eulogy after the service for your safe keeping.

Image by Diana Parkhouse

Memorial Services

There are many ways to celebrate life after the funeral service. This can be at any location that is important to you. Please contact me to discuss your wishes and possible options, with no obligation.

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Scattering of Ashes

You may wish to scatter the ashes of your loved one at a place that has significance for them and their life.  This can be a full service or a shorter more informal ceremony. Please contact me to discuss your ideas with no obligation.

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