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I have lived and worked in the North East of Scotland for nearly 30 years.  Family, people and animals have always been central to both my life and work.  I currently work in the NHS in children's research and facilitating a youth patient advocacy group. I have been writing and conducting funeral and memorial services since the beginning of 2022.


I am privileged to have worked with many families to prepare services that honour the unique character and life of their loved one.  I provide support in guiding them through what will happen on the day, on choosing music that reflects memories of happier times or key events and poetry that is relevant to their life and how they lived it.   Each service is bespoke and written with the help of close family to ensure that it is celebrates the life and achievements of their loved one and is also sensitive to the grief and emotions of everyone involved.  I always work with empathy, kindness, confidentiality and respect.  

I have conducted services in all of the crematoriums in the area and I am familiar with the order of service and organisation of each. I always ensure I am there early to meet with staff prior to the service to confirm arrangements, and to welcome and support the family before the service.  Next of kin are provided with a copy of the service for keeping. 


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